Friday, May 16, 2014

Day 157 - Grateful for you in my life!

This is it, my last day in uplifting words and art project, in the day 157 my baby was born ;) 9 months have passed and I am so grateful for everything I have learned, for never giving up and most of all your support :)
Thank you for all you shares, likes, beautiful words and hearts, without you this do not have any sense.
Sending love to you and million shining stars in your direction!

Be positive, life will give you that back, believe!



  1. Sending love and hugs right back to you, thank you for sharing your art Susana, it make me smile inside :) xx

    1. Dear Samantha huge hug to you my dear, thank you for everything :) xox

  2. Beautiful as always!
    I nominated you for a Leibster Award! See my blog for details ;)

  3. Hi Susana! I just stumbled across this blog from your Facebook page. Wow! This was quite a marvelous challenge you have given yourself! (I completed my very first 30 day illustration challenge in Nov. 2013) I know how much work, dedication, passion, etc. you have put towards this venture and to do it for 9 months is mind-blowing!! Wonderful artwork, my friend :) thank you for sharing your gifts and talents for all to enjoy. I will now go back and view all of your entries! Wonder how long that'll take me? I'm up for an adventure...;)

    1. Hi Martice so true, I needed lots of dedication to do this project, but I am happy because it brought me great opportunities :)
      thank you for your words.
      xox Susana